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Aircraft MANAGEMENT Solutions

Buying and owning your own aircraft

Buying an aircraft is a big decision and can be very complex. It requires specialized knowledge,  and operating an aircraft is subject to many regulations.

Unless you are a specialist, the first step in the purchase process should be to find a trusted advisor that can assist you in different domains : choosing the right type of aircraft, the technical side, cost calculation, regulations, paperwork.

We provide end-to-end solutions for EASA Commercial and Non-Commercial operations.

Tell us what you want, we do the rest

Based on your travel needs, your budget and your personal preferences, we can suggest different aircraft types (new or second hand).

After screening the market and making a pre-selection, you can choose the aircraft that makes you smile. Our technicians provide you with a remote assesment of the paperwork & aircraft history, and an on-site technical inspection (PPI). Based on our findings, we help you to negotiate the best price and come to a purchase agreement. 

We prepare the registration, insurance, maintenance, hangarage, training/crewing. The payment, technical acceptance, delivery, title transfer and ferry to your chosen homebase airport are the last steps.

In terms of operations, you can choose to keep your aicraft for your own private use, or you can charter out your aircraft in order to reduce the cost of ownership. We have a complete setup available for EASA CAT (commercial air transport), EASA SPO (special operations) and EASA NCC/NCO (non-commercial complex/non-complex) operations.


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