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Private aircraft, small airports, efficient travelling. Flying from your local airport to the regional airport nearest to your destination is a key time saver.


In statistical numbers, flying is safer than driving. All aircraft and pilots are subject to the safety and compliance regulations of civil aviation authorities.


Private flying allows you to enjoy the privacy and comfort of your own aircraft. flight details and destinations are kept strictly confidential.

TRavelling as it should be 

When you fly with a commercial airline, you waste more time than you know. Driving to big city airports, stuck in traffic jams, waiting in security lines, getting to your gate, collecting luggage, ...

When you you fly private, you will no longer loose precious time. And during the flight, you can do your work in private, have a meeting, or simply relax and enjoy the flight. And when it is time to land, your personal crew will call ground transportation to get ready for your arrival at a local airport.

This level of efficiency, privacy and freedom is what private flying can give you.

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