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Aircraft MANAGEMENT Solutions

are you a (future) aircraft owner and want to reduce the cost of ownership ?

We can provide commercial exploitation of your aircraft.

With an NCC (non-commercial) operation you are not allowed to make revenue by flying paying passengers. The only legal way to make revenue is activating your aircraft on an EASA Commercial Air Transport AOC with an official operator.

Once your aircraft is registered on an AOC (Air Operator Certificate) our partners can rent your aircraft (100 to 400 hours per year) to transport paying passengers, while you can still use your own aircraft at a very low cost. 

Working with an official EASA AOC also gives a TAX/VAT advantage on the fuel, and your aircraft is a business asset with the possibility of amortisation and deducting costs in your company. 

We are specialised in Diamond multi-engine piston aircraft, all single-engine turboprop and small jets.

We are looking For :

  • Diamond DA42 or DA62
  • Pilatus PC12
  • Daher-Socata TBM Aircraft (TBM700, TBM850, TBM900)
  • Piper aircraft (M500, M600)
  • Cessna Citation jet (all types)

For AOC and rental fees, our European partners can provide you a standard pricing based on your aircraft category. Services can be added such as dispatching, flight planning, fuel purchase, crewing and more. 

e-mail or call +32 (0)475/230.960 

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